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  Exchange rates and auctions historical information     (CF373) - Daily U.S. dollar-MXN exchange rate historical series

Period: 04/19/1954 - 12/07/2018, Daily, Pesos per US Dollars, Exchange Rate

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Exchange rate historical series
U.S. dollar - MXN exchange rate since 1954
20.5672 20.4705 20.2609
1/ This historical series is published only for analysis and as reference material. It is not intended to be used as an official rate or to settle legal matters, therefore Banco de México does not take any responsibility for its use. The series is calculated in current or "nuevos pesos" (new pesos). The validity of the peso currently in use, came into effect starting January 1, 1993 and one peso is equivalent of 1,000 (one thousand) of those pesos issued before that date. For example, in 1960, the exchange rate was 12.50 pesos per US dollar, which corresponds to .0125 current pesos per dollar. The construction of the series is as follows, from:
a) April 19 of 1954 to August 31 of 1976: Fixed exchange rate of 12.50 pesos (old pesos) per dollar;
b) September 1, 1976 to August 5, 1982: 'Tipo de cambio para operaciones en billete' (exchange rate for operations carried out with bills and coins) (average between bid and ask);
c) August 6 to 31, 1982: 'Tipo de cambio general' (general exchange rate);
d) September 1 to December 19, 1982: 'Tipo de cambio ordinario' (ordinary exchange rate);
e) December 20, 1982 to August 4, 1985: 'Tipo de cambio libre';
f) August 5, 1985 to November 10, 1991: 'Tipo de cambio libre';
g) November 11, 1991 to present: 'Fix' exchange rate (Date of determination).
The purpose of this series is to provide information about the conditions prevalent in the foreign exchange market in the respective dates. Therefore, it is possible that for some periods the monthly average for this series does not exactly match other monthly series published, which may use the exchange rate to settle liabilities that apply in that specific day. For further informatio
For further information about the different exchange rate regimes since 1954, refer to the following document (available only in Spanish). Information about periods in which more than one exchange rate market pervailed can be found at the following chart.
Exchange rates and auctions historical information(CF373) - Daily U.S. dollar-MXN exchange rate historical series