Financing and financial information of financial intermediaries  


  -  Summary Tables
Derivatives transactions from domestic brokerage houses, commercial and development banks

  -  Information Structures
Survey of the Mexican Financial System
Survey of the Mexican Financial System - by instrument
Survey of the Mexican financial system - by sectors
Survey of other depository corporations-Banking
Survey of other depository corporations-Non Banking
Banking System
Assets and liabilities
Commercial banks
Domestic banks
Agencies abroad
Development banks
Summarized balance sheet
Commercial banks
Development banks
Distribution of deposits of the commercial banks by instruments
Distribution of deposits of development banks by instruments
Credit by main activity of debtor
Commercial banks
Agencies abroad
Development banks
Credit by States
Commercial banks
Development banks
Domestic financing
Commercial banks
Development banks
Assets and liabilities of other depository non-bank corporations
Other depository non-bank corporations (Aggregate)
Financial leasing enterprises
Financial factoring enterprises
Limited objet financial corporations
Multiple-purpose non-bank financial corporations, regulated entities (re)
Saving and popular loan entities
Credit unions
Investment funds
Assets and liabilities of other financial corporations
Other financial corporations (Aggregate)
Insurance companies
Pension insurance companies
Health insurance companies
Assurance Finance Garanties Institutions
Finance House Insurance
Bonded warehouses
Economic development funds
Brokerage firms
Surety bondig institutions
Investment companies specializing in retirement funds
Banking and alternative financing sources
Pension fund corporations
Credit market surveys
Banking System and Brokerage Houses
Derivative Transactions