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  Financing and financial information of financial intermediaries     (CF249) - Current lo ans by commercial banks to the non-banking private sector (Dic 00=>)

Period: Dec 1994 - Aug 2016, Monthly, Millions of Pesos, Nominal Stocks

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Jun 2016 Jul 2016 Aug 2016
Performing loans granted by Commercial Banks
to the Private sector */
Nominal stocks in millions of pesos
Total Performing loans
3,271,508.494 3,333,837.715 3,365,226.310
Performing direct loans 1/
3,271,508.494 3,333,837.715 3,365,226.310
Consumption loans
803,848.003 814,765.252 825,323.815
Mortgage loans 3/
616,466.589 623,887.785 627,711.174
Firms and self-employed individuals with business activity
1,707,465.449 1,746,151.931 1,762,898.045
Non-bank financial intermediaries
143,728.453 149,032.747 149,293.276
Performing loans related to restructuring programs 2/
0.000 0.000 0.000
Oustanding loans clasified by type
3,271,508.555 3,333,837.768 3,365,226.370
Consumer credit 2/ 3/
803,848.003 814,765.252 825,323.815
Credit card
314,353.898 317,778.841 322,477.905
206,223.146 208,474.745 210,508.352
164,864.787 168,187.793 170,361.042
Durable goods
83,108.616 84,204.392 85,561.757
Motor vehicle
75,232.528 76,235.619 77,454.064
Movable property
7,876.088 7,968.773 8,107.693
35,297.556 36,119.481 36,414.759
Mortgage loans 2/ 3/
616,466.589 623,887.785 627,711.174
Low income housing
76,735.286 77,356.721 76,032.305
Middle and high income housing
539,731.303 546,531.064 551,678.869
Firms and self-employed individuals with business activity 3/
1,707,465.510 1,746,151.984 1,762,898.105
Farming, forestry and fishing
68,458.296 67,495.971 66,055.284
15,350.397 15,164.485 15,631.353
Manufacturing industry
397,917.661 408,794.491 403,427.075
Food, beverages and tobacco industries
91,079.771 95,187.711 93,958.505
Textile, apparel and leather industries
26,429.898 26,872.039 25,870.668
Basic metallic industry
43,529.691 42,960.570 41,484.349
Metal products, machinery and equipment
101,452.324 104,186.233 105,333.072
Other manufacturing activities 4/
135,425.977 139,587.938 136,780.481
346,556.320 342,148.788 342,930.053
Services and other activities
879,182.775 912,548.196 934,854.280
0.061 0.053 0.060
Non-bank financial intermediaries
143,728.453 149,032.747 149,293.276
Source: From December 2000 to November 2005 information published by Banco de México was obtained by the "Informe Contable y de Sectorización (ICS)" a questionary handed by banks. Since December 2005 this questionary was substituted by the Annex to the Minimum Catalog (ACM). This questionary contains information required by the Securities and Bank Comission (CNBV) and other sources of information collected by Banco de México. Before November 2000 the questionary used by Banco de México was "Estado Analítico de Cuentas".
Commercial banks or banking groups multiple private lenders residents country, including national banks, subsidiaries of foreign banks established in Mexico, as well as foreign agencies. * / Given that banks and financial groups have acquired or established multiple-purpose non-bank financial corporations, regulated entities (sofomes E.R.), to manage a portion of their credit portfolio to different market segments, from July 2016 and retroactively to March 2008, commercial bank data are shown consolidated with the corresponding data of their sofomes E.R. subsidiaries. Table CF598 Current loans by commercial banks to the non-banking private sector, incorporates this modification. The equivalent table with the the previous methodology (CF249) will stop updating from August 2016.
As a result of the rounding of numbers, agqregate levels could not be equal to the sum of their components.
Latest three months are preliminary.
Since Dec-04 banks in liquidation process were not included.
1/ Includes Performing loans and its accrued interests.
2/ Includes Performing balances and interests of loans related to restructuring programs. (UDIS and 'Esquema de participación IPAB-FOBAPROA'). Excludes restructuring programs (ADES). In August 2014 the table structure was modified to show additional detail on particular performing consumer credit segments, including Motor vehicle and Movable property loans (components of Durable goods), as well as Payroll and Personal loans, which used to be included under Other loans. These changes are retroactive to February 2011.
3 / Includes new provisions of the CNBV applicable to credit institutions from January 2007, which means reclassification.
4/ Includes wood, paper, chemical substances and non-metallic mineral products industries.
*/ Since March 2008 the Commercial Bank includes consolidated balances from subsidiaries Sofom E. R. of Credit Cards (Tarjetas Banamex, Santander Consumo, Ixe Tarjetas and Sociedad Financiera Inbursa), which implies the balance of credit to consumption will be bigger than before. Due to this adjustment, the balance of the credit granted to Non-Banking Financial Intermediaries will be smaller.
Financing and financial information of financial intermediaries(CF249) - Current lo ans by commercial banks to the non-banking private sector (Dic 00=>)