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Period: Jul 2017 - Apr 2018, Monthly, Different Units or Measures, N-Homogeneous

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Feb 2018 Mar 2018 Apr 2018
Real time settlement systems
Business days
19 19 21
Number of payments (Transactions)
3,770 3,745 4,170
Amount (millions of pesos)
419,521 590,700 588,075
Number of payments (Transactions)
Amount (millions of pesos)
Securities Settlement System INDEVAL 3/
Number of payments (Transactions)
282,911 284,451 N/E
Amount (millions of pesos)
62,983,354 62,227,188 N/E
SPEI® 4/
Number of payments (Transactions)
43,392,790 46,956,342 49,608,372
Amount (millions of pesos)
20,965,410 23,580,617 23,993,595
SPID® 5/
Number of payments (Transactions)
157,298 172,945 181,715
Amount (millions of USD)
18,199 19,779 28,874
Accumulate summary.
1/Account Holders Service System of Banco de México.
2/ Extended Electronic Payment System. Ended operations August 2005. Operations settled through this system are now done through the SPEI®.
3/ Figures include settlement in the money and capital markets. Exclude: i) fund transfers to and from other systems,
ii) fund transfers within the system, iii) repo operations between Bank of Mexico and banks and iv) intraday repos between banks and brokerage firms (with resources obtained from Bank of Mexico). Source Indeval.
4/ Interbanking Electronic Payment System. Figures do not include refunds.
5/ Domestic USD Transfer System. Figures do not include refunds.
Payment Systems(CF252) - Real time settlement systems