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This is an image that is manufactured directly onto the cotton-paper and the polymer substrate and can be seen on both sides of the banknote when placed against the light, with all its details and different tones.

In general terms, the watermark in Type F banknotes appears in the note’s historical figure; however, in the case of the 200-peso banknote commemorating the beginning of Mexico’s War of Independence, it appears in the Winged Victory image, and in the 100-peso banknote commemorating the 1917 Constitution, in the Mexican eagle image. The 100-peso banknote commemorating the beginning of the Mexican Revolution does not have this security feature.

100-peso, 100-peso commemorating the 1917 Constitution, 200-peso, 200-peso commemorating Mexico's War of Independence, 500-peso, and 1000-peso banknotes have an additional watermark that corresponds to the denomination number.

Watermark on the 1000-peso banknote

Marca de agua en billetes F, incluye conm Const - inglés

Examination against the light

This feature is detected when holding the banknote against the light.