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Banknote clipboard for blind and visually impaired people

On May 11, 2004, Congress modified article 4 of Mexico’s Monetary Law stating that: "Banco de México’s banknotes will remain legal tender unlimitedly and must include one or several features to allow blind and visually impaired people to identify their denomination."

Banco de México has undertaken several actions in this matter. First, in 2005, it began to include in all 100-, 200- and 500-peso banknotes a raised print mark for blind and visually impaired people. Later, in the newly designed banknotes (type F banknotes), it included a 7mm difference in each consecutive denomination and all denominations include a raised print mark for visually impaired people.

Banco de México’s most recent action involves designing a banknote clipboard, which consists of a plastic device with Braille lettering that helps to identify the denomination in the currently designed banknotes (type F banknotes), depending on their size.

The banknote clipboard is free of charge. Its sale is prohibited.

For more information, dial 01-800-BANXICO (01-800-226-9426) or write to the following e-mail address: tablilla@banxico.org.mx

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