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1000-peso banknote
100-peso banknote
100-peso banknote commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Enactment of the Constitution of the United Mexican States (February 5, 1917)
100-peso banknote commemorating the beginning of the Mexican Revolution
10-peso coin commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Puebla
200-peso banknote
200-peso banknote commemorating the beginning of Mexico's War of Independence
2017 bank holidays (PDF)
20-peso banknote
20-peso coin commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Enactment of the Constitution of the United Mexican States (February 5, 1917)
500-peso banknote
50-peso banknote
5-peso coins alluding to personalities of the Mexican Revolution
5-peso coins alluding to the heroes of Mexico's War of Independence



A brief summary of banking in Mexico (PDF)
Account Holders Service System (SIAC)
Agustín Guillermo Carstens Carstens
Alejandro Díaz de León Carrillo (PDF)
Annual reports
Author's Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo copyrights (available only in Spanish)



Balance of payments
Banco de México Internal Regulations (PDF)
Banco de México Law (PDF)
Banco de México statistics
Banco de México working papers
Banco de México’s importance in the Mexican financial system (PDF)
Banco de México's policy on financial market infrastructures
Banco de México's numismatic collection
Bank funding target rate
Banknote clipboard for blind and visually impaired people
Banknote printing and coin minting
Banknotes and coins
Banknotes and coins exchange
Banknotes and coins frequently asked questions
Banknotes belonging to type D1 which are not longer manufactured (PDF)
Banknotes belonging to types F and F1 (PDF)



Calculation of Total Annual Cost (TAC) (PDF)
Capital adequacy of banks (FLASH)
Chronology of main changes in Mexico's payment systems
Civil servants authorized to sign documents
Civil servants' registry
Clearing House Settlement System (SICAM)
Code of ethics (PDF)
Commercial banks: amount outstanding, term, cost and business type (FLASH)
Conference about the strengthening of the Financial Stability Board
Consult the result of a presumably counterfeit banknote evaluation
Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) (PDF)
Core principles for systemically important payment systems (CPSS) (PDF)
CPI and UDIs calculation
CPI Consumer Price Index and UDIS
Credit and Total Annual Cost (TAC) (PDF)
Currency rate calculators
Currently manufactured banknotes and coins



Deferred electronic funds transfer (TEF)
Development banks: amount outstanding, term, cost and business type (FLASH)
Direct debit service
Directo a México
Discount rates and interbank fees on bank card payments (PDF)
Document clearing service



Electronic signature
Evaluations in accordance with best international practices
Exchange rate regimes in Mexico since 1954 (PDF)
Extended-use Electronic Payments System (SPEUA)



Financial markets (exchange rate, interest rates and derivatives)
Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP)
Financial system frequently asked questions
Financial system reports
Financial System Stability Council
Financing and other financial information of financial intermediaries
Foreign central banks






Historical documents on monetary policy implementation
Historical outline



IMF Article IV Consultation for Mexico
Inflation calculator (INEGI) (available only in Spanish)
Inflation targeting regime (PDF)
Interbanking Electronic Payment System (SPEI®) (general information)
Interbanking Electronic Payment System (SPEI®) (services)
Interchange fees
Interest rate (payed in investments) offered by banks (counter rates) (FLASH)
Introduction: payment systems



Javier Eduardo Guzmán Calafell (PDF)



Key financial and economic graphs



Labor market/Employment and unemployment
Large value payment systems
Linking a mobile phone number to a bank account
Liquidity in the payment systems



Manuel Ramos Francia (PDF)
Measures implemented by the Federal Government and Banco de México to preserve the financial stability (PDF)
Mexican Constitution (Article 28) (PDF)
Mexico: arrangement under the Flexible Credit Line
Mexico's data in the IMF's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board
Mobile applications (available only in Spanish): Billetes Monedas MX, Canje de efectivo
Monetary aggregates and flow of funds
Monetary policy and inflation frequently asked questions
Monetary policy announcements (PDF)
Monetary policy implementation (background information)
Monetary policy implementation (statistics)
Monetary policy implementation reports
Monetary policy programs
Museo Interactivo de Economía (MIDE)



New design of the 50-peso banknote
Normative issued by Banco de México grouped by obligated subject (alphabetical order)
Normative issued by Banco de México grouped by topic (alphabetical order)
Normative issued by Banco de México grouped by year (chronological order)
Notice about fine metal altered coins
Numismatic products catalogue (PDF)



Operating interest rate target (PDF)
Organizational structure
Other official sources of statistical information
Other regulations applicable to Banco de México



Papers published by Banco de México's staff in academic journals and books, and conferences (PDF)
Payment systems frequently asked questions
Payment systems glossary (PDF)
Payment, clearing and settlement systems in Mexico (Red Book) (PDF)
Payments and securities clearance and settlement systems in Mexico (Yellow Book) (PDF)
Payroll bank accounts (FLASH)
PPI Producer and International Trade Price Indexes
Presumably counterfeit banknotes and coins
Providing liquidity to the payment systems
Public finances



Quarterly reports



Recommendations for central counterparties (CPSS/IOSCO) (PDF)
Recommendations for securities settlement systems (CPSS/IOSCO) (PDF)
Regional economic reports
Relevant legislation
Reproduction of banknote and coin images
Retail interest rates of bank term deposits (FLASH)
Retail payment systems
Roberto del Cueto Legaspi (PDF)



Sale of fine metal coins and other numismatic products
Securities auctions and open market operations
Securities Deposit, Administration and Settlement System (DALÍ)
Securities prices and interest rates
SPEI® Information Module (MI- SPEI)
Structure, functions and responsibilities (PDF)
Summary of key financial system reforms



Taking care of banknotes and coins
The central bank and the importance of economic stability (PDF)
The effects of monetary policy on the economy (PDF)
The history of coins and banknotes in Mexico (PDF)
Total Annual Return (TAR) (PDF)
Training to identify banknote security features






Validity of damaged banknotes and coins



Webservices (XML)
Websites about payment systems