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Interbanking Electronic Payment System (SPEI®)

SPEI® is a payment system developed by Banco de México and commercial banks to enable bank clients to send and receive money transfers in a matter of seconds.

SPEI® transfers are fast, safe, and convenient.

Where to request SPEI®

Companies or individuals who wish to transfer money using SPEI® must make a direct request to the bank where their account is. Banks offer SPEI® through their Internet pages (Internet banking).

How do you transfer money using SPEI®?

The best way to originate a payment is to use the Internet banking system to instruct your bank. Although each bank designs its Internet portals differently, in general terms the procedure is as follows:

  • 1. Enter the appropriate section, usually labeled “Transferencias” or “Third party payments”. If the payee’s account has not been registered, chose the account registration option, usually labeled “Nuevas cuentas” or “New accounts” and provide its bank and account number.
  • 2. Chose a registered payee, and enter the amount of the transfer.

A reference number can be chosen (a folio of up to 7 digits) and a caption to help the receiver identify the payment. The money only takes a few seconds to reach the payee’s account.

How can I know whether my SPEI® transfer has gone through?

Persons who have sent or expect to receive money via SPEI® can obtain information on the status of their payment orders through the following Banco de México service:

Payments to companies, businesses and service providers through SPEI®

There are now many companies, businesses and service providers who accept payments by electronic transfer (schools, health clubs, travel agencies, car agencies). In these cases, payment can be done through SPEI®. It only requires the company to provide the customer with the CLABE account number where payments will be made, the name of the account holder (which is usually the name of the company itself), and the bank where the account resides.

Payments to people through SPEI®

Many times we need to make money transfers or payments to a relative, friend, or anyone else. To avoid the drawbacks of making a payment in cash or traveling to personally pay that person in cash, it is better to use SPEI®. With SPEI® people can make these payments in seconds, safely and easily, regardless of whether the accounts are in different banks and of the amount of payment. SPEI® only requires the CLABE account number or the number of a valid debit card associated with the account of the person waiting to receive payment, the name of that person, and the name of the bank where his/her account resides. Soon we may also use a cell phone number associated to the account of the person receiving the money transfer.

Security measures

Banks must comply with National Banking and Securities Commission security and anti-fraud regulations. These regulations follow international practices and standards and aim to ensure that electronic bank transactions are secure. Once clients have access to Internet banking they should follow all security measures recommended by their bank, including: do not share passwords, use tokens provided by banks (tokens, code cards, etc.), as well as computers located in safe places such as office and home, and avoid those located in so-called cyber-cafes.

In the event of fraud, CONDUSEF is the entity responsible for assisting financial service users.

Furthermore, communication between banks and Banco de México uses cutting-edge secure electronic and telecommunications technology, so users can be sure their payments will be channeled securely and credited as instructed.

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