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Non-Residents' Holdings of Equity Shares Issued by Mexican Enterprises 1/ - (CF448)

Period: Jun 2009 - Jan 2020, Monthly, Millions of U.S. Dollar, N-Homogeneous

Jun 2009 - Jan 2020


Millions of U.S. Dollar




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Nov 2019 Dec 2019 Jan 2020
- Non-Residents' Holdings of Equity Shares 2/
Stocks 3/
142,758.2 149,194.8 150,928.5
Flows 4/
-743.8 -694.0 141.7
- Notes:
1/ Source: S.D. Indeval S.A. de C.V. (securities depository institution), CNBV and Banco de México. These statistics are computed by Banco de México using the non-residents' holdings of equity shares issued by Mexican enterprises that are kept in custody at Indeval and other institutions. Notwithstanding the fact that this information is an input in computing foreign portfolio investment in the balance of payments, figures can differ due to the classification of foreign flows as direct or portfolio investment, or due to the actual timing in the movements of the custodian´s accounts in circulation. Data are subject to revisions.
2/ The holder's residency corresponds to that one reported by the custodian agent of the securities.
3/ The total non-residents' holdings of shares are valued at the end of each month using the price of the shares and the exchange rate (FIX) that are determined at the corresponding date.
4/ The monthly flows are calculated by aggregating the buying or selling operations conducted every day of the month, which are valued (marked-to-market) using the price of the stocks and the exchange rate (FIX) determined for each date. Consequently, the monthly flows are not necessarily equal to the corresponding difference of the stocks.