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Household Credit Interest Rates - (CF303)

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Dec 2004 - Nov 2019






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Household Credit Interest Rates
- Annual percent
Bank credit card interest rate 1/
- Indicators of Mortgage Interest Rates
- Fixed rates in pesos for Banks, Sofoles and Regulated Sofomes
- Annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) 2/
Minimum 3/
11.00 10.73 10.73
Maximum 3/
17.07 17.07 17.06
Average 4/
13.24 13.16 13.06
- Nominal interest rate
Minimum 3/
9.05 9.55 9.55
Maximum 3/
14.30 14.30 14.30
Average 4/
10.58 10.52 10.41
1/ Simple average of rates that banks charge including all their credit card products in accordance to the report ' '(Bancos) tasas de interés de tarjetas de crédito' ' published by INFOSEL.
2/ The annual percentage rate of charge (Costo Anual Total, CAT) equalizes the present value of all commitments, future or existing agreed upon by the creditor and the borrower including interest rates, commissions, obligatory insurance and other charges due to financial services. The APRC and nominal mortgage interest rates are based on a credit of the following characteristics: a 15-year credit granted to a 35-year old individual seeking to acquire a property in Mexico City with a total cost of one million pesos, giving a down payment of 20%. Mortgage indicator figures are calculated with the Simulator of Mortgage Credits available in Banco de Mexico's web page (
3/ The minimun and maximun nominal mortgage interest rates are calculated in accordance to the specific annual percentage rate of charge (APRC).
4/ Simple average.
Source: INFOSEL and Banco de México.