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Business Tendency Survey, Confidence index - (CR88)

Period: Jan 1998 - Oct 2019, Monthly, Without units, Indexes, Base 1998

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Manufacturing business confidence index
Monthly Business Tendency Survey
- Manufacturing business confidence index
97.7000 94.9100 92.1400
Bussiness climat subindex
101.5000 97.0600 88.3800
Firm's current financial and economic situation subindex
94.1500 91.7100 91.2900
Firm's situation into the next 6 months subindex
102.3500 102.3800 99.2200
Firm's employment into the next 6 months subindex
90.4600 92.6800 87.5100
Firm's current scenario to invest subindex
100.0600 90.7400 94.3000
*/ The Manufacturing Business Confidence Index intends to measure the businessmen sentiment on the current situation of their firms. The Index is based on the opinions about: (1) the opinions on the business climate for the next months; (2) the current financial and economic environment relative to previous periods; (3) the expectations on the firm?s situation for the next months; (4) the firm?s employment expectations for the next months and (5) the firm?s current scenario to invest. The Index estimation derives from (a) the balance of answers to each question (positives less negatives); (b) an addition to each balance of a constant of 100, with the purpose of avoiding negative numbers; (c) the resulting subindexes are averaged (this is, each question has the same weight); (d) for the resulting index the base year, is defined as 1998=100. An increase of the Index means a greater confidence of businessmen, relative to the previous month, and viceversa.
Source: Monthly Business Tendency Survey