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Information on Banco de Mexico´s International Assets - (CF169)

Period: Jan 1996 - Oct 2019, Monthly, Millions of U.S. Dollar, ciphers without type

Jan 1996 - Oct 2019


Millions of U.S. Dollar

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Aug 2019 Sep 2019 Oct 2019
- Information on Banco de Mexico's International Assets
Net International Assets 1/
189,384.3 182,944.0 183,745.6
International Reserves 2/
180,377.0 180,208.3 180,749.2
- Net International Assets Monthly Flow (determined by) 3/
1,405.1 -6,440.3 801.6
-133.5 0.0 -21.9
Federal Government
47.3 -6,227.3 331.2
Market Operations 4/
0.0 0.0 0.0
Others 5/
1,491.2 -213.0 492.3
1/ Net International Assets are defined as official reserve assets (see the Data Template on International Reserves/ Foreign Currency) plus other foreign currency assets (see also the Data Template) comprising credit agreements granted by Banco de Mexico to foreign central banks due in more than six months, less the outstanding stock of debt with the IMF and of the credit agreements received by Banco de Mexico from other central banks due in less than six months. Until December 2009, it also included the change, measured in U.S. dollars, of the mark to market value of commited and unsettled transactions involving foreign currencies conducted by Banco de Mexico.
2/ According to Article 19 of Banco de México's Law the International Reserve is composed by the foreign currency and gold, property of the Central Bank, that are free of all lien and whose availability is not subject to any restriction; the amounts resulting from the difference between México's participation in the IMF and the balance of unpaid contributions to said institution that are payable by the Bank, when this balance is less than the aforementioned participation, and the foreign currency procured through financing obtained for exchange regulatory purposes from the legal entities referred to in Article 3 Section VI from this Law. To determine the amount of the reserve, the foreign currency not yet received from the sale of domestic currency will not be taken into consideration; and the Bank's liabilities in foreign currency and gold, except for those liabilities with maturities over six months and those corresponding to the financing referred, will be deducted.
3/ The diference between net international assets and international reserve flows is explained by the net variation of short-term and IMF liabilites. Short-term liabilites correspond to deposits in U.S. dollars that the Federal Government and Pemex, among others, hold in this Institution. 4/ Peso-Dollar (non-discretionary and discretionary) operations conducted by
Banco de Mexico in the foreign exchange market. 5/ Includes: the net income from accrued and realized interest payments generated by the official reserve assets' investments; the change in the mark
to market valuation (in terms of U.S. dollars) of positions in non-U.S. dollars currencies that are part of the official reserve assets; the net income from buying-selling operations of securities, foreign currencies or gold generated in the process of managing the official reserve assets, and changes in amount of U.S. dollar denominated deposits maintained by Mexican commercial banks at Banco de Mexico.