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(CA144) - TOTAL IPAB SECURITIES (Stocks in millions of pesos at nominal value)



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TOTAL IPAB SECURITIES (Stocks in millions of pesos at nominal value) 1/

Sector Last Available Previous One week ago One month ago Last end of year
10/13/2020 10/12/2020 10/06/2020 09/11/2020 12/31/2019
Total Outstanding 1,006,907.11 1,006,907.11 1,003,107.11 992,307.11 995,200.00
Residents 1,004,213.05 1,002,551.82 1,003,005.96 992,214.86 993,009.32
Repos with Banxico 2/ 145,723.00 152,574.60 189,629.57 154,700.00 135,161.87
Securities Purchased by Banxico 3/ 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Banking Sector 4/ 154,699.48 110,465.23 92,540.58 97,939.54 95,963.52
Guarantees Received by Banxico 5/ 14,386.47 12,726.04 17,460.23 23,636.61 11,123.97
Pension Funds (Siefores) 37,403.99 39,781.18 29,550.48 37,234.07 69,501.56
Investment Funds 286,257.46 301,353.30 295,371.90 339,247.43 352,137.24
Insurance and Surety Companies 9,815.16 14,281.86 9,148.56 12,379.24 5,648.56
Other Residents 355,927.48 371,369.62 369,304.63 327,077.98 323,472.60
Non Residents 6/ 2,694.06 4,355.29 101.15 92.25 2,190.68

1/ Prior to June 1 2005 this information was obtained directly from financial intermediaries. As of that date the information is retrieved from INDEVAL and may be subject to revisions. The securities held by a particular sector include the net position generated by repurchase agreements.
2/ Represents the position of the securities that Banco de México receives through repurchase agreements with the financial intermediaries.
3/ On October 30 2008, Banco de México announced through its Circular 52/2008 ( abrogated by Circular 5/2012), that with the objective to promote the development of the financial system, the central bank would implement auctions to buy securities issued by the Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (IPAB). The data presented in this column indicates the outstanding securities that were bought by Banco de México through this facility.
4/ Includes commercial and development banks.
5/ Represents the securities delivered by the financial institutions to Banco de México in order to collateralize lending securities operations, loans denominated in U.S. dollars, foreign exchange hedging operations and liquidity or deposit auctions. The securities lending facility to market makers is ruled by the numerals 4.2.3 and 7.2 of the Oficio 305.- 027/2011 issued by the Ministry of Finance (SHCP) on January 27, 2011 and its subsequent modifications which can be found in this link. Loans denominated in U.S. dollars are granted to financial institutions according to the Circular 8/2009 issued by Banco de México on April 15, 2009. Foreign exchange hedging operations are granted by financial institutions according to the Circular 3/2017 issued by Banco de México on February 24, 2017. Special collaterals for liquidity or deposit auctions are established by the Circular 9/2019 issued by Banco de México on June 13, 2019. It is worth noting that before October 3, 2008, the securities used by market makers to collateralize lending securities operations with Banco de México, did not involve domain transfer and remained in the accounts of the financial institutions at INDEVAL. From this date onwards, the figure of securities-guaranteed transactions with domain transfer is used, therefore the securities used as guarantees are registered at INDEVAL under a Banco de México account.
6/ The holder's residency corresponds to that one reported by the custodian agent of the securities.