Common features

Design features

Type C1
Diameter 30 mm
Shape Dodecagon (12-sided)
Weight 12.67 grams

Interrupted milled


In the center field, the national shield with the inscription "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" (UNITED MEXICAN STATES) along the top of the coin.


1. Center of the coin: copper-nickel-zinc alloy.

  • Content: 65% (sixty five percent) copper; 10% (ten percent) nickel; and 25% (twenty-five percent) zinc.
  • Weight: 5.51 grams.

2. Peripheral ring of the coin: bronze-aluminum alloy.

  • Content: 92% (ninety two percent) copper; 6% (six percent) aluminum; and 2% (two percent) nickel.
  • Weight: 7.16 grams.
In circulation as of September 27, 2021.

700th anniversary of the lunar foundation of the city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan


The eagle from the “Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada” (Teocalli of the Sacred War) appears in the centerfield of the coin, with the microtext "TEOCALLI" above the eagle. On the right-hand side of the coin, the glyph of the moon appears as a latent image. The upper edge includes the legend “700 AÑOS DE LA FUNDACIÓN LUNAR DE LA CIUDAD DE MÉXICO-TENOCHTITLAN” (700 YEARS OF THE LUNAR FOUNDATION OF THE CITY OF MEXICO-TENOCHTITLAN). The denomination "$20" appears on the exergue. To the right of the exergue there is the year "2021" and, to the left of the exergue,  the Mexican Mint mark "M°".

500th anniversary of historical memory of Mexico-Tenochtitlan


The Metropolitan Cathedral, the Templo Mayor and the denomination "$20" appear forming a reflection. The Templo Mayor appears as a latent image along with the microtext and the legend “FUSIÓN CULTURAL” (CULTURAL FUSION). The years "2021" and "1521" appear to the right of the corresponding denomination "$20". The legend ”500 AÑOS DE MEMORIA HISTÓRICA DE MEXICO-TENOCHTITLAN” (500 YEARS OF HISTORICAL MEMORY OF MEXICO-TENOCHTITLAN) and the Mexican Mint mark "M°" appear on the edge.

Reverse of the 20-peso commemorating the 500th anniversary of historical memory of Mexico-Tenochtitlan

Templo Mayor upwards

Cathedral upwards

Bicentennial of Mexico's Independence


In the center field of the coin, the portraits (in profile) of Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Maria Morelos, and Vicente Guerrero appear to the left. In the upper part, the Angel of the Column of Independence appears as a latent image and, to the left, the microtext reads "LIBERTAD" (FREEDOM). Surrounding the upper edge, the legend reads "BICENTENARIO DE LA INDEPENDENCIA NACIONAL" (BICENTENNIAL OF MEXICO’S WAR OF INDEPENDENCE). The denomination "$20" appears on the exergue. The years "1821" and "2021" appear on the left- and right-hand side of the exergue, respectively. The mark of the Mexican Mint "M°" appears on the left side of the coin.

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