This thread is manufactured directly onto the cotton-paper substrate for the 100-, 200-, 500-, and 1000-peso banknotes (F-type). It has 3D figures in the form of snails. These figures move in opposite direction to how the banknote is shifted; if the banknote is moved to the sides, the figures move up and down; if the banknote is moved up and down, the figures shift to the sides.

The 3D-thread is red in the 100-peso banknote, green in the 200-peso banknote, brown in the 500-peso banknote, and violet in the 1000-peso banknote.

100 pesos, F

200 pesos, F

500 pesos, F

1000 pesos, F

Examination against the light

When the banknote is placed against the light, you can see a band across it.