In memoriam

In memory of Javier

The sadness of your farewell is overwhelming,
but the gratitude for your legacy transcends it.

There is nothing more but to thank life
for giving us the opportunity of knowing you.
You were able not only to instill in us
the passion for our endeavor,
but to give us life lessons in every step of the way.

You stood out for your strong personality,
always ready to defend your standpoint and face hardship,
but also for being a noble heart
that fought for the well-being of the people around you.
You had the immense virtue of bringing the best out of people,
of turning demanding work precision into vital learning.

Your enthusiasm and strength of spirit will be hardly matched.
A legacy like yours shall undeniably persist throughout time.

You will always, dear Javier, be present
until the day we are fortunate enough to meet again.

Until then,
May You Rest in Peace