This module enables you to monitor the status of the payments you have made over the last 45 working days through the Interbank Electronic Payments System (SPEI®).

Payment consultation

When using SPEI® to make a payment, first you must choose a reference number of up to 7 digits that is easy to remember. As soon as you order the payment, your bank will also provide you with an identifier (tracking number) made up of up to 30 alphanumeric characters. These numbers will help you to identify your payment.

In order to know your payment’s processing status, in addition to any of these numbers, you must provide the names of your bank and the receiving bank, as well as the transaction date.

When your payment does not appear during consultation

Participating banks must remain connected to SPEI® at all times to process the transactions ordered by their clients. Nevertheless, connection failures can sometimes occur, delaying the processing of your payment. If you cannot track your payment, please verify the SPEI® connection statistics to identify if one of the banks involved experienced a connection problem.

If you have confirmed through the previous link that one of the banks involved in your payment experienced a connection failure, we recommend you try to process your payment again later.

If the statistics do not show a SPEI® connection failure, we recommend that you verify the status of your transfer with your bank.

Electronic Payment Receipt (EPR)

You can obtain a payment receipt through SPEI® issued by the receiving bank, which contains information about the transaction. The EPR contains the series number of the security certificate, the original chain, and the digital seal, which validates the certificate’s authenticity and gives the user payment certainty. To obtain it you must provide the transaction date, the reference or tracking number and the names of the issuing and receiving banks. It can be downloaded for printing in PDF or XML format.

Electronic Payment Receipt validator

You can validate that the digital seal your electronic receipt was signed with and the information contained in it coincide with the information provided by the bank receiving the payment through SPEI®. To validate your payment you must have the electronic payment receipt in XML format and upload it in the following application: