Design features

Type F
Size 148 x 66 mm
Material Cotton paper

The main motif is a self-portrait of the muralist Diego Rivera, painted in 1941, complemented with a vignette comprised of his painting "NUDE WITH CALLA FLOWERS" (1944), three paint brushes and a palette, representing the tools he used to create his works of art.



The main image is a 1940 self portrait of Frida Kahlo, accompanied by one of her works of art entitled "LOVE’S EMBRACE OF THE UNIVERSE, EARTH (MEXICO), I, DIEGO, AND MR. XÓLOTL" (1949).


The predominant color on the banknote is brown.
In circulation as of August 30, 2010.
Credits and acknowledgements

Obverse side obtained from:
"Autorretrato dedicado a Irene Rich" ("Self-portrait dedicated to Irene Rich"),
fragment of the painting "Desnudo con Alcatraces" ("Naked figure with Gannets",
Diego Rivera.

Reverse side obtained from:
 "Autorretrato" ("Self-portrait") (1940) and "El abrazo de amor del Universo, la
tierra (México), yo, Diego y el Señor Xólotl" ("The Love Embrace of the Universe, Earth (Mexico), myself, Diego and Señor Xólotl") fragments, Frida Kahlo.
© 2010 Banco de México, trustee in the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Museums 
Reproduction authorized by the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature
(INBA, for for its acronym in Spanish), 2010.

Security features

Intaglio and embossing perceptible by touch Perfect register Fluorescent ink
Color-shifting element Folio numbers  
3D-thread Microprinting  
Security thread Linear background  
Watermark Cotton paper