Characteristics of the banknotes and coins exchange service

  • Free of charge service provided to all public by most of bank branches at operating time, Monday through Friday
  • Transactions:
    • Exchange of domestic fit banknotes or coins for others of different denominations.
    • Exchange of unfit banknotes or coins (damaged, demonetized, in the process of being withdrawn from circulation or deformed notes) for an equivalent amount in fit notes or coins currently in circulation.
    • Evaluation of incomplete or marked notes, and their exchange for fit notes in case they keep their value.
  • Limit per transaction:
    • For those who are not bank clients, the limit per transaction is 3,000 pesos or at most 500 pieces of each denomination.
    • For those who are bank clients there is no limit in amount or number of pieces.

General information

  • Banknotes and coins in the process of withdrawn from circulation keep their value. Once they are returned to the banks, they are separated so that they do not circulate again.
  • Demonetized banknotes and coins correspond to the previous monetary unit in effect until December 31st 1992, and their present value is equivalent to the indicated denomination divided by one thousand. For example: a demonetized ten-thousand peso banknote (prior to 1993) has a present value of ten pesos.
  • Presumably counterfeit banknotes and coins can be sent through any bank to Banco de México to be analyzed free of charge.
  • For any complaints or comments concerning any of these services, dial 800-BANXICO (800 226 9426) or send an email to

Background information