Characteristics of the banknotes and coins exchange service

Explaining the diagram

  • Banco de México puts coins into circulation through Banks, which distribute them via their bank counters and their corporate clients. Once they have been distributed, coins can be:
    • "Active", if they are used in transactions.
    • "Inactive", which are also classified into:
      • “Lost coins” (those that end up either in the garbage or in the hands of tourists, which end up taking them with them to other countries), and
      • "Forgotten coins" those that are in drawers or ashtrays, among others places.

Coins can also be "Hoarded" (those that are accumulated for a specific purpose, for instance, to buy gifts at the end of the year; that is, those that are intermittently between being “inactive” -the time at which they are placed/saved in a piggy bank- and “active” –up to the moment when the amount saved in the piggy bank is spent-).

Based on information drawn from opinion surveys done regularly by Banco de México, people tend to keep coins physically somewhere and then forget about them, and yet, the public also perceives that there is a lack of coins in everyday transactions. If we divide the number of coins in circulation of the denominations from 5 cents to 20 pesos between México’s total population, there are more than 347 coins in circulation per person. This data, however, is contradictory with people´s perception regarding the lack of change in coins in everyday transactions.

For this reason, we invite you to use your coins or exchange them at the banks. By putting your coins into circulation you maximize the value of your money! With these actions you will also be helping to mint less coins and, therefore, to save public resources.

Where to exchange your coins

Are you a bank client?
Yes No
Bank branches

Most bank branches in the country
(Banknotes and coins exchange service)

Most bank branches in the country
(Banknotes and coins exchange service)

Limit per transaction No limit Up to 3 thousand pesos or 500 coins of each denomination
Procedure to separate coins None None
Free of charge Yes Yes

For any complaints, questions or comments regarding this service, please call 800-BANXICO (800 226 9426) or submit them to