The different F-type banknotes entered circulation in a gradual manner. The first banknote entered circulation in 2006, and the last banknote, in 2017 and commemorates the Centennial of the Enactment of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States on February 5, 1917. This type of banknotes includes changes in the security features, colors and sizes as compared to the previous type (D1).

The following denominations by type of banknote continue to be valid for transactions.



Metallic coins belonging to the B-type entered circulation in 1993. They have design features different from those of A-type coins and

are denominated in “new pesos.” A “new peso” is equivalent to 1000 pesos of the previous monetary unit.

The metallic coins belonging to the C-type entered circulation in 1996 to conclude with the change of monetary unit. They are denominated in “Pesos” of the currently valid monetary unit and have features similar to those of the B-type.

The C1-type began in 2020 with the 20-peso commemorating the 500 years of the founding of the city and port of Veracruz.

The following denominations by type of coin continue to be valid for transactions.