Commemorating the bicentennial of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the United States

Design features

Design features

Type C1
Diameter 30 mm
Shape Dodecagon (12-sided)
Weight 12.67 grams

Interrupted milled


In the center field, the national shield with the inscription "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" (UNITED MEXICAN STATES) along the top of the coin.


The upper edge includes the legend “DOSCIENTOS AÑOS DE RELACIONES DIPLOMÁTICAS ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS – ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMÉRICA” (TWO CENTURIES OF DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS MEXICO - UNITED STATES). In the center, two eagles symbolizing the two nations, with the legends “ÁGUILA REAL” and “ÁGUILA CALVA” (ROYAL EAGLE and AMERICAN BALD EAGLE). In the upper part, the microtext “AMISTAD, SOBERANÍA Y COOPERACIÓN” (FRIENDSHIP, SOVEREIGNTY AND COOPERATION) and the latent image "200". In the exergue, the coin features the denomination "$20" and the years "1822" and "2022". On the right side, the mintmark of the Mexican Mint, denoted by "M°".


1. Center of the coin: copper-nickel-zinc alloy.

  • Content: 65% (sixty five percent) copper; 10% (ten percent) nickel; and 25% (twenty-five percent) zinc.
  • Weight: 5.51 grams.

2. Peripheral ring of the coin: bronze-aluminum alloy.

  • Content: 92% (ninety two percent) copper; 6% (six percent) aluminum; and 2% (two percent) nickel.
  • Weight: 7.16 grams.
In circulation as of December 6, 2023.

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